For the astrology novice, a natal chart reading can give insight into your character and help identify what's important to YOU. Charts can give information on the type of partner, profession, and spiritual life you desire. Tailor-made methods of dealing with any of life's challenges are also easy to find when using the birth chart as a blueprint.


Tuition is offered in hourly sessions. These sessions include help with charts you are working on, but not having your own chart done.

The Resident Astrologer

Quinn began studying astrology back in 1994. Her interest increased significantly in 2002 when she discovered the field of psychological astrology. Quinn feels that astrology really isn't something you should believe in, but rather it's best used as a tool like a hammer or maybe a chisel. Self-taught & time-served. Loves all things related to mythology, philosophy & the psyche. Passionate about helping people to alleviate internal conflict & suffering.

She also feels very strongly that astrology can be useful if you're trying to understand yourself or others - it offers a structured way of looking at a person and teaches how the different aspects of a self interact with one another. It can highlight sources of internal conflict, and also offer suggestions on how to work with yourself rather than against your own best interests. 

Astrological Services
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Natal Chart Insight - An introduction to your birth chart. Areas covered include relationships, work, career, home, communication, beliefs, and values. If you've had an astrology reading before this session can be used to explore your chart in more depth. This is a sixty minute session and preparations need to be made beforehand - at least thirty minutes are required to prepare the chart and get a sense of the energies in play.  

Synastry & Compatibility - These insightful readings can be helpful if you're having problems in a relationship or desire to deepen your understanding of the dynamics between you and a significant other. Like the natal chart reading, time is needed beforehand to to look at the charts and get a feel for the possible dynamics. 

Top-up readings - A thirty minute follow-up consultation which covers anything you need. Can be requested after a natal or synastry reading.


Beginners - Covers chart basics: planets in signs, the houses, aspects, types of charts, simple synastry, 

Intermediate - How to read return charts and other predictive methods, composite and Davison charts, asteroids, chart synthesis, reading for others, midpoints,

Why You need an extended first session

Astrology is a complex method of divination and has its own language. It takes time to get the gist of any chart being interpreted and how it fits the person; less time means less accuracy. Exceptions are made for other professionals on the basis they have high level of understanding of how their chart works. Students can also request top-up readings without an initial consultation if they're used to discussing their chart and know their aspects.

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