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About This Site

Any work presented here is aimed at those who are trying to find and strengthen the core aspects of the self. Their own self that is. Self-development is a long-term ongoing process. Any wisdom or insight offered within this site is to be used as needed. You can discard any of it if it doesn't fit your own personal agenda.

Free Will may, or may not, be an illusion, but it has been said by many that it is better to at least pretend it exists. It may well be true that you're at the mercy of your DNA; as well as the social constraints of your family, your community, and your country of origin. Choices will always need to be made, but you need to be aware that you do in fact have a choice to begin with.

Using A Service

If you're unsure about any aspect of a service offered within the site, please don't hesitate to call or email to ask questions. 


Absurdist Arts Creator  - Rowan Leigh

Born and raised in rural North Yorkshire. Has so far lived a life steeped in mysticism after noticing she found it easier to follow the symbolic signs rather than the crowd. Blogged from 2009 onwards, mostly about her own inner angst and her aversion to socially accepted norms. Lover of mavericks, mystics, and armadillos. 

Personal Statement

Absurdist Arts, the concept, is about sharing information which may, or may not, lead to finding meaning. It stays relatively faithful to the idea that we should strive to find meaning irrespective of whether it's possible or true; although this site is an advocate for the middle way. Suicide is not an option here, and neither is the outright rejection of faith. It's also a bit of a two-finger salute to the over-intellectualisation of all that we cannot see with the naked eye nor measure with instruments. There will be complaints, no doubt, that aspects here represent a bastardisation of the whole concept of Absurdism; those complaints will be valid. However, what I came to realise during my own confrontation with the Absurd was that it's far better to indulge in the search for meaning than live without it. 

I'm not personally interested in belief as such, although some of the people who work through the site are and I'm more than fine with this. It's not my business nor intention to interfere in other people's perspectives. I'm no longer interested in what is true or not true. With regards to personal suffering, I'm looking at what works and what doesn't - what is useful, and what is not. Life can be painful and uncomfortable for a whole host of reasons; social constructs can be held accountable for a good handful of those. In other instances, it'll be another human or even nature who has inflicted the cruelty. Integrity, and therefore self-honesty, are crucial elements for those on a path of self-development. Messages, signs, and synchronicities which occur on a daily basis, are helpful prompts when embarking on a journey of self-knowing. The overall purpose is to help others find what is meaningful to them. There's little truth in what is meaningful because it comes down to perspective and feeling. Sometimes, we need help to decide what is meaningful and what isn't. Both the head and the heart can be guilty of over-complicating what is simple, and they can both be guilty of denying complexity. For me, this place is all about understanding personal myths and finding some kind of inner fulfillment and contentment.