For Those Who are Provoked by Imagery...

Need Someone to Listen?

Talking things through can improve your general well-being and it can help you to widen your perspective. We understand that it's not possible to only say nice things nor feel happy all the time. You have complete freedom to express yourself - we won't take it personally and we won't hold it against you. Whatever the situation, we'll listen and help you gain clarity of thought of feeling so you're in a better position to make decisions and take action. If you need to let off steam about someone close we can listen and offer advice, if wanted, on coping with the situation. If you're caught between a rock and a hard place, talking things through can help the right choice become more apparent. It's not always possible to find an objective ear among those close to you, especially if the decision making will impact them in less than desirable ways.


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For Those with Mystical Leanings...

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The South Node

The symbolic meaning of Animals - Flowers - Crystals - Runes - & more

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The essence of man is really his paradoxical nature, the fact that he is half animal and half symbolic. - Ernest Becker, The Denial of Death