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Tarot is a fairly modern predictive tool with its current form established in the 18th century. Despite having its ardent believers, it is not a belief system and there's no need to rigidly adhere to

What We Offer

Authenticity is central to everything here at Absurdist Arts and   

What You Get

An honest interpretation of a reading which is tailored to your specific needs at the time. 

Deepen Your Understanding

Broaden your Perspective

Sensitise Your Soul


Ways to Use This Service

Tuition - If you would like help with your learning, we offer tuition in hourly sessions. These sessions can include help with interpreting your own readings, but not doing readings for you.

Direction - A traditional twenty minute reading can be useful if you're feeling unsure

Support - If you're working within the realms of prediction and find yourself needing support or guidance 


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