The South Node is a mathematical point used in astrology. It is said to represent the past, the place we come from, and all that is somehow behind us. Everything in this section is from MY past. It's the stuff I used to love digging around in. It took many years for me to work out what was useful and how best to use it. These days, I use the information as a kind of dictionary for the symbolic meanings of everyday life. It's a way to make the daily grind more colourful, more meaningful, and sometimes, more intriguing. The links below are mostly single page information sheets and contain either keyword meanings or a short paragraph of description. I'd like to do more work on the animals one day when I have the time; I started out with good intentions only to realise the time had come to put my energy elsewhere. The tarot section is extensive and includes all card descriptions as well as a few articles I wrote way-back-whenever. Everything in this part of the website was written years ago; I've edited before putting it up here but left the text pretty much as it was. My use of language has changed in subtle ways since that time, but I figured it would be inappropriate to mess with it too much. I still have some old work to edit and put on here but it takes a back seat to the two blogs I want to focus one. One is A Not-so-spineless Escape and the other is a new one which will look at the symbolic meanings of random everyday items and occurrences. 


Psycho-spiritual Uses of Divination

It is still common practice to use tarot and astrology to find answers relating to the future. Whilst we are perfectly able to indulge your psychic demands of such work, it is not the only way to use the cards or a chart. Finding meaning is the underlying theme here at Absurdist Arts, and we drag that sense of purpose into most of the services we can have a reading and phrase your questions differently so you can get a bit of wisdom to help you navigate the path you're on...rather than asking a reader what's going to happen, you can ask them for suggestions on how to improve the current situation or relationship, or maybe you can ask what you can learn from any difficulties you're experiencing. It's up to you, what I'm saying is - we're here to help you grow and encourage you to be an active participant in any instance where guidance is given . 

One-to-One Help

Mythical Meanings

Tarot & Astrology

Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; the way you play it is free will. - Jawaharlal Nehru

Random Stuff

animal meanings

Animal Meanings

Meanings of common mammal, bird, and fish totems.

flower meanings

Flower Meanings

Keyword meanings for over forty commonly found flowers. 

flower remedies

Flower Remedies

An absolute beginners guide to the uses of individual remedies.

crystal meanings

Crystal meanings

Easy to understand meanings of over sixty gemstones.

rune meanings

Rune Meanings

An introduction to the meaning of the runes.

tree meanings

Tree Meanings

Psycho-spiritual interpretations of over forty common trees.